Dear Authors and Participants in
ITA 2005
Joint International Events
on Information Theories and Applications,

Please receive our thanks for your hard work and fruitful partnership.

The KDS 2005, i.TECH 2005, as well as other Conferences and Workshops of ITA 2005 were a new step of the process of integration of East and West Europe Scientific Community. More than 150 participants take part in 10 days scientific collaboration in International House of Scientists “Frederic Joliot-Curie” in Varna, Bulgaria.
In addition, the other ITA 2005 Events in Italy and Bulgaria made the impact of our ideas visible and considerable. More than 1000 pages A4 were published in the ITA 2005 Proceedings. The papers of the conferences were recommended to be published in the International Journal of Information Theories and Applications (IJ ITA).

On behalf of the main Organizers of ITA 2005 – Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualized Systems, ADUIS, and Institute of Information Theories and Applications, FOI ITHEA, we express our best wishes to you for further beneficial collaboration and high scientific success.

 Kyiv – Sofia, 06.07.2005

 Viktor P. Gladun, Krassimir K. Markov


Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for these wonderful days, in which we have received all your friendship and cheerfulness and you have permitted us to give you the spirit of our beloved country.

From Org. Committee of  ITA 2005:

Ilia Mitov and Krassimira Ivanova


Photos from ITA 2005

This page contains photos made by:
I. Artemieva (Vladiviostock, Russia)
F. Gisbert (Madrid, Spain)
V. Lozovskiy (Odessa, Ukraine)
A. Molodukh (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
 Last updated: 01.08.2005

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KDS 2005




i.TECH 2005


ITA 2005
Gala Evenings and Excursions