Institute for Information Theories and Applications


Institute for Information Theories and Applications

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The Institute for Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA is an international nongovernmental organization functioning since 2002 year.

ITHEA is aimed to support international scientific research through international scientific projects, workshops, conferences, journals, book series, etc.

ITHEA is a successor of the international scientific co-operation organized within 1986-1992 by international workgroups (IWG) researching the problems of data bases and artificial intelligence. As a result of tight relation between these problems in 1990 in Budapest appeared the international scientific group of Data Base Intellectualization (IWGDBI) integrating the possibilities of databases with the creative process support tools. The leaders of the IWGDBI were prof.V.P.Gladun (Ukraine) and prof.R.K.Kirkova (Bulgaria).

Starting from 1992 till now the international scientific co-operation has been organized by the Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualized Systems (ADUIS).

ITHEA has been established to extend the possibilities for international scientific collaboration by wide range of concrete activities.

ITHEA Structure: Official representatives, Scientific Council, Scientific Sections, Accountancy, and Technical Staff



Official representatives

Krassimir Markov - President
Krassimira Ivanova - Vice-president
Ilia Mitov - Vice-president



Scientific Council

Victor Gladun (Ukraine) - Honorable Chair Person
Rumyana Kirkova (Bulgaria) - Honorable Chair Person

Levon Aslanyan (Armenia) - Chairman

Adil Timofeev (Russia)
Alexander Kleshchev (Russia)
Alexander Kuzemin (Ukraine)
Alexander Palagin (Ukraine)
Alexey Voloshyn (Ukraine)
Arkadij Zakrevskij (Belarus)
Constantin Gaindric (Moldova)
Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
Ilia Mitov (Bulgaria)
Juan Castellanos (Spain)
Koen Vanhoof (Belgie)
Krassimira Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)
Larisa Zainutdinova (Russia)
Laura Ciocoiu (Romania)
Luis Fernando de Mingo (Spain)
Martin Mintchev (Canada)
Nikolay Zagoruiko (Russia)
Peter Stanchev (USA)
Stefan Karastanev (Bulgaria)
Tatyana Gavrilova (Russia)
Vladimir Lovitskii (GB)
Vladimir Ryazanov (Russia)


Scientific Sections


  Business Informatics Koen Vanhoof
  Conferences and Publishing Krassimira Ivanova
  Cooperative Scientific Projects Hasmik Sahakyan
  Decision Support & Artificial Intelligence Alexey Voloshyn
  Information Interaction Stefan Karastanev
  Intelligent Engineering Systems Martin Mintchev
  Logical Inference and Design Arkadij Zakrevskij
  Modern (e-) Learning Larisa Zaynutdinova
  Natural Computing Juan Castellanos
  Pattern Recognition Vladimir Ryazanov
  Philosophy and Methodology of Informatics Krassimir Markov
  Scientific Innovation Management Luis Fernando de Mingo
  Software Engineering Ilia Mitov
  Theoretical Informatics Levon Aslanyan
Conferences Joint International Scientific Events on Informatics


International Journal "Information Theories and Applications"

International Journal "Information Technologies and Knowledge"

International Book Series "Information Science and Computing" (forthcoming)

International Review Journal "Information Research and Engineering" (forthcoming)


Awards given by ITHEA

International Prize ITHEA

Honorable Professors (forthcoming)

Best Papers and Surveys (forthcoming)


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